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Bea 4 you porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
1 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
11 / 15  
13 / 15  
Other Review Rating
6 / 10 (5 sites)



Review porn site: Bea 4 you

If it is 100% natural sex appeal that you are currently looking for in girls, then I think I’ve got an adult site that I can recommend to you. It’s called Bea 4 You and it’s the personal XXX resource of one outstandingly hot teenage kitty. Named Bea, as you might have probably understood already. Bea is so much different from other teen girls cause there is nothing unnatural about her. I don’t even mean the plastic surgery here – even the looks of this babe just ooze natural sex appeal, word! She doesn’t use that much makeup, she’s obviously not torturing herself with countless diets and workouts and… What we get as the result is a mouthwatering chubby freshie with a perfect curvaceous body! Oh yeah, little Bea has obviously got some cushions for pushin’ – she sports heavy natural boobies, a big round ass, she’s got cute chubby cheeks that I would love to see bulging under the pressure of my hard cock… Okay, looks like I’m already going too far with my fantasies. :) Let’s cut the bullshitting and head on into the Members area.

Oh wow… A look at the Members area of this site made me remember that good old story about Tom Sawyer – the one where the guy was painting the fence, remember? The point is that the site offers stuff from Bea’s kitty friends as well as the chubby candy herself – and Bea’s personal section is obviously not the biggest there! The girl has got 40 photo shoots to offer to us, her friends come up with 14 photo shoots and it’s the crowd of guest big-tittied models that does the main part of the job – there are 85 galleries featuring them. The gap is even more obvious in the Videos section. Bea comes up with as few as 3 movies, her girlfriends provide 31 scenes and the guest models – 37 videos. Lazy fatty! Now you understand where the Tom Sawyer allusion comes from?

If I get everything right, our dear little Austrian plumper (yeah, Austria is exactly where Bea comes from) is out of the biz already. I can’t be 100% sure, of course – but this is the conclusion that I made when I had a quick look through the Members area of the XXX site under review today and didn’t find any info about the updates there. No dates, no scheduled releases – nothing of that kind. Well, that’s actually a huge pity, I should admit – even the guest model stuff would do, I believe. At least, I wouldn’t have felt myself so cheated if guest updates were there.

The quality of content at the reviewed porn website is something that proves my supposition about the lack of updates better than anything else, I think. You see, I’m an easy believer and everything – but I will never believe that someone is still shooting 1024x768Px pics and 640x480Px at 1900Kbps videos for their sites. That stuff looks like it comes from a long long time ago.

Fortunately, there is something that can help Bea save her cute chubby face in a situation as sticky as this. You see, this porn paysite turns out to be a part of a classy porn network called Hot bunny pass. This is a network where things are no longer as innocent and as softcore as at the analyzed adult site – it focuses mostly on teens but it shows them fucking, shows them engaging in fetish activities, such as naked smoking and posing in spandex outfits, doing sex gymnastics and stuff like that. All in all, there are 39 sites out there – a good deal of them still get updated and their archives drown you in what feels like a ton of content, word!

As you can see, has hardly got too much stuff to offer to us – here it’s mostly about the adorable chubbiness of its main star and her natural sex appeal. But when it comes to the bonuses, things get better all of a sudden. There aren’t too many fatties at those 39 free sites that will be included into your membership – but young pussy is supplied by the ton there.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-08-01)
index of member zone (2011-08-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-08-01)
Pictures Bea (2011-08-01)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-08-01)
Pictures Beas Girlfriends (2011-08-01)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-08-01)
picture sample (2011-08-01)


Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days recurring)
3 month: 49.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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