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BB trannies porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
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Very Good


Review porn site: BB trannies

Say, don’t you feel that safe sex with a condom is like petting your partner while wearing rubber gloves? Well, sure, there are kinks who like it like that but I’m surely not one of them. :) That’s exactly why I’m so damn glad to review the porn site called BB Trannies tonight – the BB part of its name standing for Bareback! Yeah, baby, that is right – what you will see on its pages is unleashed and unprotected ass sex with trannies – those that despise rubber as much as I do.

this adult source seems to focus on shemale babes from Latin America – those swarthy Hispanic girls like Nicole Navarro, Kauane Ferrari, Michelle Araujo and the like are all over the place here. Most of them are getting fucked in the ass themselves on the pages of the described adult resource – but there are also quite some of them that seem to love putting it on the asses of their lovers too – all without bothering about any condoms and shit too, of course. Thus, expect to see lots of sexy boys with asses gaping wide open here as well. ;)

Erm… Well, understanding what is all about is not so easy here inside the Members area, I have to admit. I have just entered it and... Apparently, it’s not only this site’s exclusive content that you are offered straight from the start because the video listing says “Latest Network Updates” and the movies presented there vary in quality. Vary hugely, I must admit – I have just downloaded two vids from this site and one of them has the frame size of 640x480 and the bitrate of 1450Kbps while the same showings for the other one total 1280x720Px and 2600Kbps correspondingly. And the former of these two movs is actually claimed to be the fresher of the two. Hmm, that’s weird.

One way or another, you can surely expect to find enough high-quality scenes in the nice-sized archive of this porn site – there are 128 movies and 111 photo galleries available here. Oh, by the way, the quality of pictures is also quite alright here – the freshest of them reach 1600x1071Px in size and are perfectly clear for you to be able to see every inch of the tranny models’ bodies without any effort. Man, I like it here – the reviewed adult website really seems to be capable of keeping a shemale porn fan busy for a pretty long time.

And it looks like it’s not going to change in future. Okay, sure, with its weekly updates, this XXX site is probably not the fastest growing site out there but… Its development is still rather impressing, that is not to be denied. The good part is that the weekly updates often comprise more than one scene and that the schedule of upcoming releases is also full already, so feel free to be sure that this site will keep you busy even after you are done enjoying the pics and flicks it has currently got waiting for you. The only thing that brings me down a bit is the fact that most of those announced future releases seem to belong to the lower quality type. Hope that I’m wrong though.

Now let me say a couple of words about the bonuses, which are also pretty plentiful here. When you join the reviewed adult site, you also get free access to 3 extra resources – Shemale Mov, Shemale Movie Vault and Club Bisexual. Their collections are available with no extra charges and are big enough to keep you going for a while too. Shemale Mov alone, for instance, can offer you over a thousand of hot shemale fucking flicks. Not too bad! Plus, there are also several dozens of those streamline porn video feeds giving you shemale XXX vids along with movies from many other categories as well.

Finishing this review up, I will say that this adult paysite is a good one – it’s hot, it’s big, its quality is good. Its future is questionable though – that’s the only thing I guess I can pick on here. But let’s hope that those seemingly blurred updates will turn out to be as crystal-clear as the bigger part of the site’s content collection is.


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pics gallery (2012-03-16)
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picture sample (2012-03-16)
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Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
3 month: 69.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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