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Banged Boys porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
13 / 15  
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6 / 10 (3 sites)




Review porn site: Banged Boys

Many gay porn lovers tend to overlook twink XXX sites because they think that twink porn is never hardcore enough. Well, that’s true in most of the cases, I have to admit – in spite of looking damn sweet and sexy, gay twinks rarely turn out to be real good at nasty hardcore fucking. But it looks like tonight we will be dealing with one of them rare cases – the case of Banged Boys. Should have been Gang-this XXX website, I believe. The point is that here at this site each and every eager gay youngster ends up getting fucked by three cocks at once!

The thing that makes the action offered by the analyzed porn site even more arousing is the fact that there’s a decent portion of domination thrown into its foursome gay sex scenes. The boys getting romped play subs, the trios drilling their throats and assholes play doms… Often the boys get so carried away by the game that they end up with their asses red and sore – this is something that you will be able to see with the naked eye on the free tour pages of So exciting! I’m coming in to see if it is as exciting inside the Members area.

Erm… Nope, it looks like this paysite is not going to be the perfect gay twink porn site for me. The main problem with it is the fact that it’s damn old and even outdated – having been launched in March 2010, it stopped getting updated in August of the very same year. Come on, ain’t that laughable? 5 months online and that’s it? Frankly, it seems to be the least reasonable decision on Earth to me. I mean, the analyzed porn resource used to be so fucking hot and even unique – why on Earth was it closed down?

What do you think, was the period of 5 months long enough for this adult resource to grow real big? Well, you must be someone who believes in miracles and fairy tales if you do, word. This site’s collection of content is laughably small, unfortunately – right now there are 10 movies and exactly as many picture galleries comprising it and I don’t think that these showings will ever get bigger. Yeah, I’m skeptical but… Come on, there hasn’t been anything new released for a year and a half already – sure as hell this site is not going to keep on growing.

But even though the analyzed site is old and small, it can proudly say that its content quality hardly leaves anything to be desired, no BS. Being a real porn movie fan, I just couldn’t keep myself in from enjoying as many of those classy 720p videos as I could here. Pic lovers will also find this website enjoyable, I believe – its 1280x853Px images are not the biggest I have ever seen but they are good anyway. Big and clear enough for you to see every little detail in those awesome foursome twink domination scenes.

Bonuses, anyone? this XXX source turns out to be a part of a gay twink porn network that looks fairly promising – though only until you start digging deeper into it. There are 3 other sites dedicated to naughty young gay boys that you will have free access to with your the described adult site membership but… The problem is that all of them are as old, as outdated and as tiny as the described XXX resource itself is. So what do we have in total here? 40 gay twink scenes – 40 really hot gay twink scenes. Well, maybe that’s not too bad after all. Plus, they are peppered over with a good deal of gay porn DVDs that you will be able to play and download without any extra charges. Right, the extras here are more or less alright.

But even with those bonuses at my fingertips, I don’t feel really satisfied at the resource under my scrutiny. You know, a good porn site looks good from any angle while here… Small collection of content and lacking updates spoil it all.


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3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)

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