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Bad Ex GFs porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
20 / 20  
12 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
13 / 15  
7 / 15  
Other Review Rating
21 / 10 (6 sites)


Very Good

Review porn site: Bad Ex GFs

Life is a bitch, for sure – you can get cheated and walked out on by your partner but… Don't forget that you can always revenge yourself upon the slut if you were smart enough to make some home porn with her when you were dating her. Still got it on your hard drive? Come on, don't hesitate, let the whole world see how whored out this little hoochie is!

In fact, the angry ex-boyfriend stuff is turning into a very popular concept in the porn biz these days – I can tell it because I really run into ex-GF homemade porn sites more and more often lately. I have even got one right in front of me today – it is called Bad Ex GFs and… Oh my, it looks gorgeous. Of course, there are some pics that don't even show them rookies naked but that's mostly a problem of the whole homemade XXX industry, I would say. Fortunately, those teaser scenes that are more hardcore are way better already – and they surely do look as homemade as they are supposed to be. It's all close to blameless on the outside, baby – but a closer look at the Members area will surely do this one no harm.

Jeez… That's one hell of a big homemade porn collection that awaits you inside this one, for sure. I don't know how exclusive it is cause most homemade porn sites are not exclusive since amateur porn content can hardly be copyrighted by anyone but… The size just cannot be underestimated here. 3,549 videos and 4,093 photo albums – what do you think about that, huh? This site's content archive is big enough to satisfy even the most demanding porn consumer on Earth! I can't even imagine a person who will manage to get through the whole of this collection and also cope with the daily updates at it.

Well, maybe I'm not that honest here after all. the analyzed adult site is not updated daily – it's updated almost hourly! Today, for instance, there have been 5 new videos and 7 new photo galleries added into the Members area of this one. One hell of a good showing, ain't it? Well, I'm sure that it fucking is! Thus, make sure you are good enough to handle this adult paysite before you sign up to it – it will surely spare you from a whole lot of your cum, baby!

The quality? Well, this is where things get a bit more complex cause I don't even know what to tell you. I guess that you understand that hardly anyone shoots home porn with HD cameras, right? What is used there much more often are simple camcorders and digital cams, even spy cameras and camera phones… this site is just not quite supposed to be a collection of high-quality content. However, I wouldn't say that the quality of this stuff is disgustingly low – in most cases you will be getting 800x600Px photos and 640x480 videos with the bitrate of over 1500Kbps, which is not actually that bad after all.

Since this adult website is such an enormous porn resource, I guess you won't be too disappointed by the fact that it has hardly got too many free bonuses to offer to you, right? Well, there are some since it's a social service after all, which means you will be able to exchange messages with other users and to friend and to unfriend them but… That's pretty much it. The owners of the reviewed XXX site think their site is good enough to look fine even without any freebies and I would actually say they are right.

I really enjoyed the time I spent at – mostly due to the fact that I was totally drowned in an ocean of homemade porn here. But is it actually that good after all? Hmm, let me think… Of course, it fucking is good! Over three thousand videos and over four thousand pic galleries – ain't that good enough? :)


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