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About site

And here comes another proof of the fact that lesbian porn can be hardcore enough – the proof by the name ofthe porn site under my scrutiny. Man, this site belongs to the type that are simply made to blow people’s minds – at least, its concept is. Here you will watch seemingly tender and loving lezzies turn into real kinky bitches all of a sudden – and put it on each other’s bungholes like there’s no tomorrow. All that strap-on anal craze, the ass-to-ass double dildo adventures… A must-see from the first sight, really.

Free tour

However, in spite of this source’s concept being really hot and arousing, I also should admit that its free tour pages are a total disaster. Looking like they date back to Stone Age, offering no trailer content at all, these pages are a disgrace for this adult website. On the other hand, this is the way things are at Ferro porn network. I’m already getting used to the shitty outsides of this network’s sites and the awesome insides, so… I really hope that this site is going to be one of those cases.

Amount of Content

And yes,the described resourcedidn’t disappoint me. This site looks really inspiring in terms of content amount as there are as many as 175 pic scenes and 212 videos! Whew, that is good, no doubt. Being as addicted to porn movies as opposed to pictures as I am, you will definitely like the fact that vids prevail here. However, photo fans shouldn’t get desperate too – as you can see, the count of photo galleries is anything but bad at this adult site.

Content Quality

The quality of the content that you can find atthe described adult sourceis not going to leave anyone disappointed, I guess. Well, if you are one of them snobbish porn quality activists, you will probably crinkle your nose when you hear that the movies here are 1280x720Px at 3200Kbps ones but… Hey, stop being such a bore – they were good enough for me and they will be good enough for 99% of the porn watching population. The same applies to the 1500x1000Px photos, by the way.


Oops… Looks like I have finally run into something that is not so inspiring here at the described adult source. I’m talking about this site’s updating calendar that used to be perfectly fine until recent past when… The updates just stopped appearing all of a sudden. The most recent of them dates back to January 2012 and I really hope that this gap in the updating schedule is only temporary. I mean, the action at this site is so hot, it would be a pity to lose it.


And here’s another blow for those who have already started falling for the adult site under review today (including myself). This site doesn’t offer you any freebies along with its own content. What you get at the usual price of 30 bucks a month is this site’s own collection only. If you want more, you can get yourself that extended network pass but… Be ready to forfeit more cash then cause it will cost you $85 during the first month and $50 during each of the following. A good deal for the total of 50+ sites but you need to be rather well-off to afford it, I guess.


Damn, homie, I’m feeling so sad. How come a site as hot asthe described paysitehas got no future? It got me off quite a few times during my quickie acquaintance with it and I really feel I could come back to it (a rare thing for a porn site reviewer, believe me) but… With no updates, it is surely not looking as cool as it could have. But the action here is masterpiece, no BS and no bias.


Pros and Cons


    + hot and unique action
    + nice-sized content collection
    + enjoyable content quality


    - no updates
    - no free bonus content
    - poor design and navigation
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