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  • Content Quality
    17 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    10 / 20
  • Updates
    11 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    11 / 15
  • Originality
    12 / 15
  • Extras
    9 / 15


Judging by title, AV Idolz should have a collection of really famous Japanese gals, since AV is a common abbreviation of Adult Videos in Japan. When you enter the porn site you discover that actually this is just a collection of DVD scenes and DVDs, rather good, but not the first-grade ones. Anyway, the exact description of the porn site should sound like “a collection of Japanese porn DVD scenes”. It doesn’t intend to supply you with exclusive content, instead offering great amount of content and relatively good quality.


It’s easy to understand what to expect from AV Idolz, when you hear that it’s a collection of Japanese AV DVD. The thing is to see the relation between the site’s title and its content. In this case, AV Idolz is a significant exaggeration: these scenes do not really expose the top Japanese AV models, mostly the second-third grade girls. Of course, they are good, but not as perfect or as alluring as real divas of Japanese porn stage.

Scene format

On AV Idolz you get typical DVD scenes: long and thorough, they last for 25-45 minutes as a rule, and are full-length scenes, exposing the action from the beginning and through to the end. There is a number of categories, defining the type of action you should expect from the scene. Known for their creampies, cumshots, Bukkake scenes, vibrator tease and similar fetish stuff, Japanese models look awesome in this type of action. No need to describe what happens with the alluring Japanese girls, helplessly moaning, in these scenes. It’s better to watch and see it.

+ Good amount of videos

AV Idolz offers as many as 1880 porn scenes from over three hundreds of DVD. It’s more than enough to satisfy anyone’s need in porn, especially due to the high average playtime of such scenes: it is close to 30 minutes, and may even exceed it twice in some videos. Many hundreds of hours of very intense Japanese porn videos are exposed here, and the amount keeps growing. Photo sets, however, are not many; what is even worse, their numbers do not increase with time: yet, 288 sets are available on AV Idolz, and it is the same amount they had a year ago.

+ Simple and functional design

Despite the seeming primitiveness of the design, AV Idolz offers a quick and convenient navigational system, advanced search and full functionality of the member’s interface. Thus, you can rate and comment each scene, each DVD and each model, add them to your favorites and watch or download scenes in multiple formats. Dropdown menus allow to get a list of scenes already sorted by date, rating or popularity. Use advanced search to filter content by category, content type, model’s body type or quality. There are not many ads, and most of them are pinned to the bottom of the page. Videos are tagged properly, plus there is a link to model’s profile and a description with a date stamp in each scene.

+ Model profiles, stats, ratings

Model index does not allow any sorting or filtering (though you can use advanced search), but it contains a nice set of 332 Japanese girls of all kinds, mostly the less popular AV stars, but there are some famous girls too. Models’ profiles are provided with thorough stats (measurements, age, height and so on), and support separate ratings. You can also add a particular girl to your favorites. It’s convenient to have a list of the girls scenes pinned to her profile, which is a common practice.

+ 6 more network sites as a bonus

Members of AV Idolz get access to 6 other porn sites, included in the same network: My Cute Asian, JAV HQ, Japan HDV, Teen Thais, Asian Bondage and Brutal Asia. Not the top porn sites, but still a nice collection of exclusive porn videos, variety of niches (including some really kinky stuff), and even more alluring Japanese girls. Tasty!

- Average to low quality of content

Nowadays, standard DVD quality is not enough to impress the users. AV Idolz offers several different resolutions for its videos: 640x360, 960x540 and the highest, “Full HD” resolution of 1920x1080p, available in most of recent videos. Unfortunately, it’s not true Full HD, and it’s not even true HD: the bitrate rarely exceeds 3100 kbps and doesn’t go high anyway. Thus, the picture is often blurred or grainy. On the other hand, the camera work and lighting doesn’t usually cause questions. Photos are available in the 2048x1364 pixel resolution, which is slightly above the average these days.

- Unstable updates

The update frequency of AV Idolz is not very clear. Lately the porn site has updated once every two days, but before it was a long way from one update to the other. Before 2016, the porn site added 2-3 scenes per month, and there were periods without a new scene for two weeks or more. In March-April 2016 they’ve added updates every next day; however, the last one was a week ago. As you can see, it’s hard to rely on AV Idolz, when it comes to adding new scenes: they may be rather irregular.

Expectations vs Reality

The producers of AV Idolz don’t go into boasting, when advertising their site. They modestly mention the possibility to download and stream every movie without any limits, a few thousands of bonus videos, new movies every day and crystal clear movies. Well, the last thing may be a slight exaggeration, since we’ve found that their HD is not that good, but the other things are true. Can’t call AV Idolz a disappointment, though it’s neither a delight in most cases.


It’s $29.95 for a month (recurring) or $39.95 for a month (non-recurring). You can pay for 3 months or 6 months in advance, $59.95 or $89.95 accordingly, to get a good discount. Don’t try limited trial: for $4.95 you’ll be offered two days of limited access, and then it will rebill at $34.95 every month. We haven’t found any pre-checked cross sales or additional discount information.


A large collection of second-grade Japanese AV DVD. Good supply of Japanese porn for anyone, and the bonus sites also look attractive. If not the quality, which is average, it would be a worthy purchase; yet, it’s just one of the thousands of similar porn sites.



  • 6 month: 89.95 $ (180 days )
  • 3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days )
  • Monthly: 39.95 $ (30 days non-recurring)
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)

Site Facts

Average length:30 min
Number of movies:over 1880
Video formats:
  • MP4, 3103 kbps kb/s 1080p
Full length videos:yes
Pic sets: 288
Pics per set:40
Pics Resolution:2048x1364
Zip sets:yes
Model Index:yes
Bonus Sites:yes
Vid caps:no
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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