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Ass Toying site blocked Review date: 2009-01-20
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 Month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)
  • We recommend do not register at Ass Toying because it is not safe for you

    About site

    Frankly speaking, I had expected Ass Toying to be anything but a hardcore gay porn site – its domain name had been promising me just another solo site featuring dildoing chicks but what it turned out to be was just incredible! I was shocked, I was stunned – I was so fuckin’ horny! Now I understand that maybe there actually wasn’t anything so special depicted on the free tour pages of this site – but when I saw it for the first time, it seemed to be one of the hottest gay sources I have ever seen – mostly because I didn’t actually expect it to be a gay source, as I have already told. :) Alright, I guess you have already had enough of my overemotional bullshitting – time to get down to action and see what this XXX website has really got to offer its members!

    Content Quality

    Well… I’m inside this source and I don’t actually know what to do. In fact, what I want most now is closing my browser window and never returning to this site again. As usual, I got misled by the stuff exposed on the free tour pages of the site I’m reviewing and, as usual, its contents bring me down again. Do you want to know how much content this site offers? Alright, baby, here you go – 8 videos and 6 photo galleries! Still, the size of this collection is not even the worst thing about this paysite – what is much worse is the quality of the content that it supplies! 900x600Px photos, 768Kbps videos which are not even available for downloading and can only be viewed online – is it what you really expect from a premium porn source, huh? I can’t even say I’m dissatisfied – simply because I’m furious!


    The reason why the collection of this porn site is so shitty is simple – the last update appeared at this source in July 2007 – more than one and a half years ago! Sure, at that time the digital technologies weren’t as developed as they are now but… Well, come on, why am I trying to protect the owners of this shitty source somehow? There have already been downloadable vids and high-quality cams to shoot them with in the end of the 1990s! this XXX paysite deserves no mercy – so I guess the best choice will be just to quit talking about it and switch on to the bonus content that it comes along with since its exclusive content doesn’t worth shit!


    Now I think I should have dedicated most of this review to the description of the network that you will be able to access through this site – this could have been more useful to gay porn surfers at least. :) Well, whatever – let everything be the way it is now. So, the choice of bonus content coming along with the exclusive pics and vids of includes the following: 185 full-time DVDs containing the videos from as many as 33 different subniches of gay porn (twinks, hunks, bears, solos, hardcore – everything you can only think of), 10 XXX gay sites (believe me, ALL of them are significantly larger than the one under review), a shemale porn network, a straight porn network, a number of discounts in online sex shops, live XXX webcam chatrooms, on-demand porn DVD theaters, etc. Now you see what comprises the best part of this XXX site, huh? :)


    The conclusion of this review will be simple – this porn source is the tiniest gay porn site that I have ever seen in my life! I would even say it’s not worth spending your time on (not even mentioning your money). Still, signing up to it may be reasonable – all because of the classy collection of extra gay porn content that it can give you access to! Sorry to say that – but it is the way it is. Hope you’re gonna make the right decision this time. ;)