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Almost female porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
7 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
10 / 15  
12 / 15  
Other Review Rating
2 / 10 (2 sites)



Review porn site: Almost female

I don't know about you, homie, but I certainly prefer to focus on those shemales that are as ladylike as it's only possible. The more feminine, the better – I surely don't mind cocks as long as they are hiding between perfectly spare and round hips.

Thus, it's absolutely no surprise why I'm so impressed by the porn site that is under review here tonight – the tempting Almost Female. The dickgirls you will see on the pages of this one all sport totally adorable faces and perfectly feminine bodies. No wide shoulders and muscled hands accepted under any conditions. Frankly, I really think that this resource brags one of the most outstanding casts out there.

On the other hand, when you hit the analyzed adult site, you will most probably be turned away instantly by its shitty-ass teaser content. My word, the trailer pics and videos here are utterly disappointing. I really hope they are simple reduced-quality ones and don't reflect the quality of the things that await you inside. But why wonder – I've got the pass to this adult resource, so I will just go ahead and check it right now.

Being really worried about the quality of content supplied by, I headed on into its content section immediately after entering it. Just a couple of minutes – and its freshest video was already downloaded to my hard drive. Why so fast? Damn, I'm sure my Internet connection wasn't really kicking ass lately. Oh, now I see… The video turns out to be as shitty as I expected it to be – and, therefore, it was incredibly easy to download. 720x480 at 2130Kbps… Come on, gimme a break! That's far not the best stuff I have seen online lately. The pics, in their turn, are even worse here. They are plain screencaps, so they have the same resolution of 720x480Px and are terribly blurred.

Sure, if you are willing to cope with content of such low quality (please, don't tell me that you are), you might be lured into giving the analyzed porn website a try because its archive of content is a fairly big one. At the moment, there are 96 full scenes here, which is fairly enough for a porn site in this relatively rare niche. However, the fact that a good deal of those 96 scenes look like remastered tapes from 1990s really does prevent me from telling that it's a good decision.

Unlike other sites from the same network, this paysite doesn't try to fool you into believing that it still keeps on getting updated. With content of such super-low quality it would have been simply laughable, I would say.

So what was that about the "same network"? Yeah, baby, right you are – the reviewed adult website comes backed up by a really impressing selection of bonus sites that you will have free access to. Or, to be more honest, it comes backed up by some bonus sites that only look impressing. There are 30+ of them and they cover a good deal of niches, including extreme ones. However, Almost Female is the only one dedicated to transsexual banging, so… The bonuses will be of hardly any value for you, unless you don't mind straight or bi banging. Or wait… Hey, I just noticed those two archives of streamline videos that are included into your membership as well. They look like they might supply you with another hundred or two of tranny fucking vids, which is cool.

Yeah, that's it, I guess. Even though I was totally stunned by the cast of this shemale porn treasury, I still don't think I'm stunned enough to recommend it to you. You know, even though the choice of tranny sex scenes seems to be pretty wide here, it's the low quality and the lack of updates that spoil it all. What a pity.


Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
4 month: 99.95 $ (120 days non-recurring)

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