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All holes full porn review


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Review porn site: All holes full

Man, I love my job as a porn reviewer – love it so much that I don’t mind taking a little overtime every once in a while, you know what I mean… ;) I will be finally going to sleep in an hour or so but before I do it, I will let myself enjoy a seemingly hot site called All Holes Full – and tell you about it meanwhile, alright? Don’t judge me too strictly if this review is going to be more relaxed than usual – I’m just writing it for kicks.

So, as you have definitely understood already, the described site is a site dedicated to babes that love sucking cock, love getting their pussies stretched open and, on top of it all, love taking it from the backdoor as well. In fact, most of them do it all at once here on the pages of this site – they hook it up with at least two men, get skewered with their dicks, get sandwiched by them and drenched in fresh steamy cum for dessert. Yeah, baby, they are exactly this slutty – and they really seem to be enjoying all those double treatments immensely. I feel way too horny to keep on limiting myself to the free trailers – so I’m coming in!

Jeez, what a promising beginning of the review and what a pitiful continuation of it. the described porn site is not good at all – in fact, it’s not even bad but simply terrible! Wonder what makes me say so? Well, the reason here is as simple as it can only be – the problem is that this source’s collection is laughably small. 10 videos, 15 picture scenes and I don’t even think that I have got enough reasons to tell that this stuff is 100% exclusive. I don’t think I have too many things pointing at the opposite – but the quality of scene thumbnails really makes me dubious, you know.

Why is the reviewed adult website so damn small? At first, I supposed that it was all due to the fact that it’s not yet old enough – if you believe the current dates of updates, this resource was launched only a tiny bit more than one month ago. However, the point is that it wasn’t even getting updated regularly since then – content was getting added here in bundles but without any distinct regularity and shit. My only hope is that the updating will recommence on a more or less regular basis – otherwise, you simply ain’t got anything to do here!

So far almost everything here seems to be fairly shitty – almost everything except the quality of content. The quality of content here is pretty average at least. Pics with the resolution of 1600x1000Px and videos reaching 640x480Px in screen frame and 1900Kbps in bitrate… In fact, these two showings are not terribly low – but they are still lower than what one expects to find at a premium porn site these days. Times are changing, baby – get used to it or just die out!

Bet you expect me to say that comes together with a bucket of free extras and that it’s not that bad after all? Frankly, I could have said it, I admit – but the point is that there are hardly any extras to mention here! 5 other sites with collections as small as that of the analyzed source, 75 free streamline porn and erotic clips in different categories, 4 free galleries… You might be the least demanding person on Earth – but I bet that you still won’t find it sufficient!

Okay, maybe someone will accuse me of finishing this review too quickly and shit – but I have simply got nothing to express here except for my utter disappointment with the reviewed resource. Tiny collection, shitty situation with the updates, narrow choice of extras – guess I’d better cut it off and go take a nap now before I tell something really offensive about the site and its owners. Bye-bye!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-04-03)
Screenshot #1 (2010-04-03)
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Screenshot #2 (2010-04-03)


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