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Adult rental site blocked Review date: 2010-05-10

We recommend do not register at Adult rental because it is not safe for you

Today there are tons of porn sites on the Net that really deserve being called customer-oriented – they offer content in specific narrow niches, they supply pics and vids of really high quality, they give you only 100% exclusive stuff and sometimes make their fairly low membership prices look even more tempting by adding in loads of bonus content. This is all good – but there are also sites that don’t bother about narrow-niche things and supply you with so much porn of all imaginable kinds and types that you are just guaranteed to find your favorite stuff there, no matter how exquisite your preferences actually are! Looks like the site that is under review today is one of them humongous multi-niche porn archives – give it up for Adult Rental!

Guess that you have already understood the main specialty of the reviewed site from its very name, haven’t you? Yep, this source really is offering video on demand – ensuring maximum comfort and, possibly, a fine money-saving opportunity for you. You get to pick only those movies from its enormous collection that you feel you are just guaranteed to enjoy – and you pay only for them, not for the whole archive guaranteeing that you won’t watch one vid there and leave the rest for good cause they are not hot enough.

The whole process of choosing an appropriate movie at this XXX resource is a totally mind-blowing thing guaranteed to get you horny as hell. There are 26,225 full DVDs here at the moment… Can you just imagine it, homie? Well, I won’t lie if I tell that this source is the biggest I have ever seen so far. It ain’t exclusive but… When you get the chance to choose from more than 26 thousand DVDs, will you actually bother about exclusiveness?

Needless to say, the variety of the supplied XXX stuff is also very impressing here – those 26,000 DVDs fall under around 80 niches, including the wildest ones. Oh yeah, by the way, there’s a whole separate section of this site dedicated to gay porn – the section where you will find over 3,000 DVDs featuring hunks, twinks, bears – whoever you can only dream of. I can see that both the straight and the gay archives are growing at a good pace – but I’m afraid I can’t provide you with more or less exact data cause the dates of updates are not stated here. Anyway – with 26,000 DVDs I think you will be able to get on well even if new releases get published here not really frequently.

How is that concept actually embodied here, you wonder? Well, that’s a really good question, buddy, cause I have to admit that I will hardly be able to answer it again. this porn website offers you to streamline its XXX videos – the highest quality option being 2000Kbps and the lowest – around 250Kbps. It means that you will get to play the stuff you purchase only once – no downloading allowed. There is that additional “3-day rental” option available for an additional payment – but I’m not quite sure how it works. Does the vid get deleted from your PC automatically in 3 days or are you just recommended to refrain from storing it at your hard drive for a longer period of time? Well, if the second variant is the case, then I guess you understand that the lack of that “official” downloading option is no longer a problem, eh? :)

So, I think that the pricing policy at this adult site was the only thing that left me kinda puzzled and relatively displeased – the rest is all wonderful, really. You are guaranteed to find everything you need here – and the source under review today seems to be capable of helping you do it and enjoy the stuff you like just fine.


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