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21 Sextury review Review date: 2010-04-19
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81 Exсellent(-18)


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  • 6 month: 59.95 $ (180 days recurring)
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    In today's world of business cooperation penetrating all spheres (including porn) single sites find it increasingly more difficult to win the battle against XXX network uniting loads of sources, each of which is not actually that bad! Thus, a single porn site keeping afloat on the Net these days must be a really kick-ass one. Even more, the same requirements apply to porn networks themselves as well! You can bump into a network uniting several hundreds of boring AVS resources and still find it disappointing. Taking this into account, I'm even more than just proud to present a porn network that I myself definitely do find decent – the porn network of 21 Sextury!

    Amount of Content

    This network promises to get you acquainted with the world's hottest pornstars and show them to you in action. However, I should say that this promise still wasn't something that got me most interested. This network is not only quality- and cast-oriented – it also supplies you with an XXX collection that is simply enormous! You say that the fact that this network consists of 50 sites is not that impressing? Well, I wonder how your attitude's gonna change when you see that each and every of those 50 sites is 100% exclusive! The list of models currently featured here includes almost 2,300 gorgeous personals starring in the total of more than 9,000 scenes. Shit, looks like I have just bumped into one of them networks able to give you enough XXX stuff for a lifetime!

    Content Quality

    The list of porn niches covered is simply overwhelming as well, my word – there are experienced pro pornstars and teen rookies featured here, they go for anal sex, plain hardcore, extreme masturbation, deepthroating and even for domination sex. They squirt when they come. They get messy facials and swallow huge loads of jizzum with great pleasure. There are old and young bitches, black and white, and even Asian dolls. Shit, homie, there is even one site dedicated to tender Asian ladyboys! Quite a variety, huh? :) And I still haven't listed all niches featured by this site!


    The updates are released daily and, needless to say, they don't come out on a one-per-day basis. It would have meant that each of the sites comprising this network was getting updated even less frequently than monthly, so… At the moment you will be getting from 1 to 5 brand-new 100% exclusive scenes presented to your attention here every single fuckin' day! Homie, call me biased – but the sites that offer really huge collections of content and still grow with the speed of light never leave me indifferent – never at all!


    Of course, I simply can't leave the quality of this site's content without my attention as it is definitely one of the vital things that every single porn review shall contain. Unfortunately, this is also the only parameter where this site won't score the highest – the videos here are blameless HD ones but the photos… The photos, sadly, are not perfect – though undoubtedly fine. They reach 1280x680Px in resolution, which is close to ideal but still not ideal.


    So, even though there was that tiny unpleasant thing in the previous paragraph of this review and, therefore, it won't score the highest here, I will still call this resource a blameless one. You know, with so much exciting high-quality porn featuring such mind-blowing beauties at my disposal, a little imperfect quality of pics is definitely not something I will come bullshitting about. Damn, I would be such a bitch if I did it. No, really – is a motherfuckin' must-visit for all the people in love with hardcore porn.

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