Our porn site rating criteria

Our porn site ratings surely don’t come right out of the blue – each of the resources under review is evaluated according to a number of strictly defined criteria, which we are going to describe below.

1. Content quality.

The maximum rating a site can earn here is 20 points – 10 for vids and 10 for photos*. The main criteria used for the calculation of the rating are: frame size, bitrate (for movies) and resolution, clarity/sharpness (for pics). Below is the scale used for the evaluation of a site’s contents:

10 pts. – 6000Kbps videos/3000x2000Px photos (or higher)
8 pts. – 3000-5999Kbps videos/1600x1200Px photos
6 pts. – 1400-2999Kpbs videos/1280x960Px, 1024x768Px photos
4 pts. – 700-1399Kbps videos/912x684Px, 640x480Px photos
2 pts. – 699Kbps or less qualitative videos/400x300Px or less qualitative photos

2. Content amount.

The same stuff here – the best sites get up to 20 points in this section of rating provided they supply enough pics and videos. The maximum of 10 points is available for each of these two types of content**. Note, that only full scenes are taken into account here – if a scene gets split into several chunks (episodes), each of them WILL NOT be regarded as a separate scene. So, here’s how we calculate this rating:

10 pts. – 400 full scenes or more
8 pts. – 200-399 full scenes
6 pts. – 50-199 full scenes
4 pts. – 20-49 full scenes
2 pts. – Less than 20 scenes.

3. Updates.

This is where things get a little bit more difficult. :) The maximum rating here is 15 – and there’s a set of basic rating points along with several bonuses and penalties that can be awarded/charged for the presence/absence of certain features. Come on, it’s not as difficult as it sounds – take a look at the scale below and you will understand what we mean here.

7 pts. – ONLY for daily updates
6 pts. – the site gets updated weekly or more often
4 pts. – the site gets updated several times a month
3 pts. – the site gets updated monthly
1 pt. – there were no updates during the past year or so
+3 pts. – the dates of updates are stated
+3 pts. – the list of upcoming updates is provided
+2 pt. – the site shows what exactly the previous updates comprised
-5 pts. – a penalty for cheating

4. Design and navigation.

This is where we show how good the site under review looks – and how usable it actually is. Amateurish-looking resources as well as the ones pissing you off with totally incomprehensible (or way too basic) navigation systems will never score highest here.

1-5 pts. (Design) – compliance with the category, modernity, professionalism
1-5 pts. (Navigation) – simplicity, usability, work of functional features
1-5 pts. (Functionality) – useful perks (sorting, searching, categorizing, etc.)

5. Originality.

Well, this is actually the part reserved for the reviewers to exercise their ego. :) The points range from 1 to 15 and fully depend on the reviewer’s personal perception of the porn site under review – in other words, whether he finds it interesting enough or not.

6. Extras.

This section of the overall rating is intended for estimating the quantity (5 pts. max) and the quality (another 5 pts. max) of bonuses/discounts generously provided to the members of the resource under review. Thus, the numeric showing in this part of the rating can range from 2 to 15. A couple of points can be added or subtracted from the final showing according to the variety of bonuses and their arousing potential – i.e. if there are tons of them but they are all deadly boring, don’t expect to see 15 in the “Extras” field.

This is basically it – that’s how we rate the sites that we get to review. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning any info provided above, don’t hesitate to content our feedback service representative straight away – we will do our best to help you in as short time as possible.

Sincerely yours,
PornPaySites team.

Pssst… Now you see that we make sure to supply you with only the best XXX stuff at all times? ;)

*If the site under review offers only 1 type of content (photo/video), the showing in this section of the rating gets doubled. For example, if the site contains only videos of true HD quality (10 points) and absolutely no pics, it will still get the highest rating of 20.

** If the site under review offers only 1 type of content (photo/video), the showing in this section of the rating gets doubled. For example, if the site contains 401 videos (10 points) and absolutely no pics, it will still get the highest rating of 20.